Modular Belt Conveyor with Built-In Roller Accumulation Zone


Fall River, MA., (August 2, 2006) – SmartMove Conveyor of Fall River MA now offers mini-roller accumulation zones integrated with their patented drive modular belt conveyor. The integrated design provides safer loading and unloading points at the ends of their continuous running belt conveyors. Built-in rollers are inherently level and aligned to the conveyor belting to create smooth seamless transfers.

Roller zones at the beginning or end of the conveyor line can aide operators by providing non-moving surfaces to safely handle items. Additional roller zones between powered belt sections can enhance assembly and packaging lines by providing product buffering with low pressure accumulation.

The combined roller and belt systems are suitable for applications that include assembly, packaging, inspection, sorting and testing. SmartMove mini-roller zones are offered in 6”, 12”, 15”, and 24” widths. Standard lengths of 24” can be fully integrated at the beginning or end of all SmartMove Modular conveyors. Priced according to belt width and overall length. Units are shipped fully assembled.

Fall River, Massachusetts-based SmartMove Conveyor Manufacturing is a foremost manufacturer of modular conveyors designed with proprietary snap-link flat top chain belting. Since 1992, companies from around the world have chosen SmartMove to improve efficiency and productivity.

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