Modular Conveyor Line Introduced


Continuing its premise of offering truly modular conveying solutions, Dynamic Conveyor has expanded its product line and is unveiling a new Low Profile Modular Conveyor line that fits into spaces where conventional conveyors don’t.  The new Low Profile Conveyor fits into tight spaces, makes a positive environmental impact and offers a lower cost of ownership to businesses in the plastics industry. 

With the same reconfigurability of their standard line, the new Low Profile Conveyors offer a reduced frame height profile that is 50 percent slimmer allowing conveyors to fit into tight spaces, under equipment or in equipment where conventional conveyors don’t fit.  The pedestal leg supports keep the overall conveyor width to a minimum, saving on floor space.

DynaCon Modular Low Profile Conveyors offer a sustainable conveying option for organizations whose conveying needs change - whether it is every week, every 6 months or 5 years in the future.  Using conveyor modules as short as 6-1/2" in length, companies can easily lengthen or shorten the conveyor in a matter of minutes without compromising the integrity of the conveyor.

Conveyor modules connect and reconnect to form low profile modular conveyor systems from 4” to 60” wide and of varying lengths up to 50’ long.  Low profile plastic modular conveyors feature high-impact polycarbonate construction which provides strength and durability.  With 100 lb. load capacities the conveyors are resilient, but light weight for easy assembly, installation and portability. 

Like the company’s standard line of modular conveyors, the new line is clean, maintenance free and eco-friendly.  The low profile modular conveyors are compatible with plastic modular Intralox link style conveyor belting.  Plastic link style belting is easy to install and doesn't require realignment or frequent costly replacement.  Both the variable and single speed energy efficient 1/30 hp (25 Watt) motors offer speeds up to 80 fpm.  The motors are quiet, maintenance-free and cost effective.  DynaCon Low Profile Conveyors meet ISO Class 3 (Federal Standard Class 1) clean room qualifications.

DynaCon Low Profile Conveyors provide a lower total cost of ownership solution to companies looking to save money by allowing the ability to change length when needed, requiring no maintenance, utilizing energy efficient motors and offering a 5-year warranty.

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