Modular Power Panel Perfected Via Customer Feedback


To make the most user and installer friendly electrical solution, GE Energy sought out the feedback of more than 500 customers to  create the EntellEon Low Voltage Power Panel. The modular plug-in panel, designed from the ground up, comes in subassemblies, making it light enough for one person to carry through a narrow electrical room doorway.


Installations that took 15 minutes now take less 30 seconds, GE says.


Because the breakers and busses are all subassemblies, it makes it easier to stock components, as well as configure the panel in the most optimal way in the field. Different sized breakers can also be across from each other, allowing for more versatility.


Take a look at this video to learn more:



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  • Meets NEC Article 408; UL 67; UL 50; UL 943; UL 489; IBC; NEMA PB1 Panelboards
  • Maximum Voltage 600VAC, 1P3W, 3P3W/4W
  • Fully Rated 200kAIC/240V, 100kAIC/480V
  • Mains 150A-1200A MCB (SK, SG, horizontal mounted SE)
  • Maximum Amperage 1,200A
  • empower configurator and simplified catalog number nomenclatures
  • Modular design and reversible top and bottom feed for versatility and easy fixes in the field
  • Single-person installation saves time, costs and labor (Up to 24X size)
  • Modernized system meets all performance and safety standards
  • Modular package design fits through standard doors
    and protects equipment

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Anonymous, Distribution, Warehousing & Logistics Management
this panel will give SqD a run for its money