Modular Welding Table


Strong Hand Tools is proud to introduce the New BuildPro MAX Modular Welding Table. This newest version of the BuildPro Modular Welding Table provides a continuous tabletop surface of precision ground steel plates. (The standard BuildPro table includes 1.7” slots between plates for use as clamping edges). 

The 8’  L  x  4’  W BuildPro™ MAX Table is constructed of precision, hardened steel plates with 5/8 machined holes in a 2” x 2” grid pattern. BuildPro Clamps and Modular Fixturing Components can be inserted into any of the tabletop holes for unlimited options in the set-up of welding fixtures (dedicated, short run, or prototypes). Each plate can be removed and reconfigured to extend the table width. 

Additional BuildPro plates can be added at either end, or the sides of the tabletop, to increase table length and width to better accommodate larger projects. The BuildPro™ Tables can also be joined together for oversized fixturing jobs.  The BuildPro MAX table has a heavy duty 5 beam support base with a 7,500 lb. (3.75 tons) load capacity.  BuildPro™ MAX Tables are available with a standard finish, or a nitrided finish for anti-splatter, wear resistant corrosion protection. 


  • 8’  L  x  4’  W
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