Mold Release Solutions Guide


Henkel Corporation has introduced the new Frekote® Mold Release Solutions Guide, a comprehensive 20-page brochure showcasing the company's complete line of more than 60-mold release agents for all types of composite and rubber-molding operations. The literature facilitates product selection by organizing selector guides by substrate type and end use.   

For ease-of-use, the Frekote® Mold Release Solutions Guide features individual mold release selector charts created specifically for substrates or applications, including advanced composite systems, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites such as polyester and vinyl ester, rotational/plastic molding, rubber molding, sacrificial mold release and specialty applications. 

The literature also features a material application guide that recommends Frekote® products for use on specific substrates and a troubleshooting guide that lists problems that can occur during molding and identifies related causes and solutions.