Molykote® G-2003 High Performance Grease


Dow Corning has introduced Molykote® G-2003 High Performance Grease for long-term lubrication on plastic/metal and plastic/plastic combinations in automotive applications. Formulated for medium to fast movements and medium loadings, Molykote G-2003 grease is commonly used on window lifters, sliding roofs, seat adjusters, steering locks, and door-lock systems.

Based on synthetic hydrocarbon, the lithium-thickened Molykote® G-2003 grease has a wide service range of -50 C to 140 C. It also provides good water and oxidation resistance, stability against water wash out, and is suitable for applications requiring exceptional performance at low temperatures. Molykote® G-2003 has an NLGI Class 2 rating. 
Molykote® Smart Lubrication™ from Dow Corning
For nearly 60 years, OEM designers, maintenance and materials engineers around the world have trusted the Molykote brand for performance and expertise to solve or prevent virtually any plant lubrication problem. Products include one of the industry's most complete line of greases, pastes, anti-friction coatings, and dispersions; multi-purpose oils; synthetic and/or ultra-high-purity mineral-oil fluids for hydraulic systems, compressor oils, vacuum pump oils, gear box and chain oils; and specialty lubricant compounds. Services include oil analysis, lubrication scheduling software, lubricants consolidation audits and training and consultation on lubrication best practices. Molykote solutions are available through a network of more than 3,000 channel partners. 
Molykote and Dow Corning are registered trademarks of Dow Corning Corporation. 
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