Morritex® Concrete Coating Systems are Easily Customized for Specific Flooring Environments


Addressing the needs of both industrial and commercial facility managers, Valspar Flooring, a division of Valspar Corporation (NYSE: VAL), offers Morritex®, a fully customizable, high performance coating system. Designed for installation by professional flooring contractors, Morritex permits concrete floors to be seamlessly resurfaced utilizing the specialized components needed for long-lasting peak performance in virtually any environment.

“Off-the-shelf concrete floor coatings typically can’t withstand heavy-duty commercial and industrial operations, with their initial savings quickly lost in production downtime, flooring repairs and recoating,” said Lysa Young, Marketing Manager, Valspar Flooring. “The Morritex component-based system addresses this challenge by offering different options at every stage of installation – priming, coating and finishing – according to the facility’s unique requirements.”

Whether a concrete floor must tolerate heavy foot traffic, large equipment, or harsh chemicals, Morritex is performance tailored to accommodate these different needs, resulting in an easy-to-maintain, seamless floor that is resistant to abrasion, aggressive chemicals and heavy-duty impact. A variety of colors, surface textures and gloss levels provide customers with the flexibility of specifying the optimal Morritex flooring to improve light reflectance and overall facility aesthetics.

Valspar offers Morritex in two systems – Morritex CS and Morritex HD:
  • Morritex CS (Coating System) is a fully customizable, component-based system for application thicknesses between 8 and 80 mils. Facilities can select from a variety of high performance epoxy and urethane components, building a complete system with the desired finish and surface texture and the required resistance to abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure.
  • Morritex HD (High Density) is a resin-rich, aggregate filled floor resurfacer with high density and compression strength for added durability. This 100% solids, solvent-free, USDA approved system provides excellent slip resistance and accepts heavy abuse from impact and heavy loading.

“To supplement our core coating and resurfacer lines,” explains Young, “Valspar also offers products to address common construction and preparation issues: moisture vapor transmission through the concrete slab, hairline cracks, and even fast track construction where concrete cannot undergo a full 28-day curing cycle. We truly strive to offer the complete building blocks for flooring success in any facility.”


• Color: Translucent White • Percent Solids by Weight: 100% • Flash Point: >200°F • Recommended DFT at 400 sq. ft. per gallon: 4.0 mils • Application Method: 1/4-3/8” nap roller, squeegee, or trowel • Thinner: Not Recommended • Working Time: 35 minutes at 75°F and 50% RH • Recoat Time @ 75°F: 12-24 hours. After 24 hours, screen before recoating. • Cure Time: 12-14 hours – foot traffic 24 hours – light traffic 72 hours – heavy traffic and/or chemical spills • Shelf Life: 18 months in unopened container • Hardness (ASTM D-2240): 80
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