Most Versitile Portable Fume Extractor


Allegro Portable Fume Extractor is easy to use and comes equipped with a wide array of pre-filters and main filters for a variety of work, including HEPA filtration to capture and control Hexavalent Chromium. It comes with a 10-foot durable extraction hose with flexible steel tube hood assembly, 10-in. slot nozzle, magnetic support base that allows for hands free operation, filter change status LED light, and a built-in spark trap for fire safety.

Allegro Filters and pre-filters are offered in six different combinations and allow maximum flexibility for varying work applications including HEPA for Hexavalent Chromium control and 95% for carbon steel weld fumes.



  • easy to use
  • comes with wide array of pre-filters & main filters
  • can capture & control hexavalent chromium & 95% for carbon steel weld fumes
  • 10-ft extraction hose
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