Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection Catalog


new catalog, Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection, presents motion capabilities in applications as diverse as sensor testing, surface profiling, nondestructive test and semiconductor inspection and metrology.    

Applications discussed include single- and multi-axis rate tables/motion simulators, motion simulator software and the advanced controls employed in various sensor testing and calibration activities. The catalog features a section on surface measurement and profiling platforms with particular emphasis on our new SMP system and the challenges of sensor integration, process development and data acquisition. Nondestructive test is covered including X-ray inspection, ultrasonic testing and the associated components necessary for a multi-axis solution.  

The semiconductor inspection and metrology section focuses on ellipsometry, scanning white light interferometry, thin-film measurement, wafer inspection, atomic force microscope positioning, defect detection and particle scanning, reticle inspection and more. The cleanroom and high vacuum systems section discusses our vast experience in this realm. And finally, we provide an in-depth look at the various integrated automation and data acquisition systems and components available to create a seamless, highly accurate and cost-effective motion system.

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