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GSoft - GS Series and DURApulse Drives Configuration Software
GSoft, the configuration software for AutomationDirect’s GS Series drives, allows a personal computer to be connected to either the GS1, GS2 or DURApulse series drives. You can perform a variety of functions using GSoft, including:
•Create new drive configurations using Quick Start, Detailed or Schematic Views
•Upload/ download drive configurations
•Edit drive configuration
•Archive/ store multiple drive configurations on your personal computer(PC)
•Trend drive operation parameters
•Tune the drive PID loop
•View drive faults
•Print a schematic representation of the drive configurations

SureServo Pro™ - Servo Configuration Software
SureServo Pro™ is the configuration software for the SureServo™ drives. With SureServo Pro installed, the personal computer may be directly connected to the servo drive's serial port via the PC RS-232 serial port or the PC USB port with a cable adapter.
•Quick Start - The basic set-up when you have limited time and just want to get up and running ASAP.
•Maintenance keypad allows the user to operate the servo system from the PC to allow the servo to perform some basic motion and to check the I/O during start-up.
•Detailed - The complete set-up for all the drive parameters.
•Tune and check the servo response live using the scope feature.
•Upload and download the drive set-up. Save the drive set-up as a file for future use.
•Edit the drive set-up
•View all drive faults
•Trend drive variables in real time
FREE SureServo Pro Configuration Software can be downloaded at no charge

SureStep Pro™ - Stepper Configuration Software
The SureStep Pro configuration software on CD and the STP-232RJ11-CBL programming cable are included with each advanced stepper drive (STP-DRV-4850 & STP-DRV-80100). Software is NOT required for the standard drive (STP-DRV-4035).

•SureStep Pro is also available as a Free Download
•Easy configuration of the stepper drive, stepper motor, I/O
•Serial command language available; No need for separate motion controllers or indexers; Easy interface PCs, PLCs and HMIs
•Easily use the ASCII output commands from most of our PLCs to enable indexing
•Extensive Help files
•For Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98.

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