Motion Control System


Bosch Rexroth has extended its range of motion control systems to semiconductor and medical applications with the NYCe 4000—a rugged, high-end, compact, multi-axis industrial motion control system with integrated drive technology. The scalable Rexroth NYCe4000 multiple-axis controller integrates the complete control and drive hardware in one unit with a smaller footprint than an industrial PC. Thanks to its open software architecture, the high-end motion controller is extremely flexible for automating modules and complete machines with optimal code protection for the OEM. The application-oriented programming shortens development times and offers numerous functionalities that address the high requirements for speed and precise movement. With up to 120 digital and analog inputs/outputs, it is now possible to integrate a large number of measuring units so that even very complex process steps can be achieved. Up to 62 NYCe4000 controllers can be operated in a network using standard PC technology.
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