Motion Controllers Featur e Advanced Tuning Tools Required for Robotics Applications


ACS Motion Control, an
international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers,
machine control systems and integrated control modules, has
developed motion control modules ideal for robotic applications.
Featuring advanced tuning tools, including FFT analysis as well
as profile and variable monitoring that provides quick and easy
system setup, ACS' SPiiPlus and MC4U control modules optimize
motion to provide a high-performance solution.

ACS' SPiiPlus and MC4U motion controller series offer flexible
application programming using the ACSPL+ multi-tasking language
that features 64-bit floating point math, vast array handling
capabilities and the use of user units.

"Our motion controllers enable fast implementation of complex
applications, such as robotics, using powerful support tools with
a unique controller simulator that shortens a user's time to market,"
said Evan Reed, ACS Vice President. "Regardless of the complexity
of the application, ACS has a motion control module that provides
the precise control required."

The high-performance, digital SPiiPlus Series and MC4U Series
motion control modules use a flexible CONNECT command to easily
implement the most complex forward and inverse kinematic equations.

The SPiiPlus Series and MC4U Series feature a 20kHz servo update
rate and a 2kHz profile update rate for tight position control and
synchronization with external processes.  The dual loop control
enhances responsiveness in lead-screw and belt driven based
systems.  The motion controllers' open architecture design offers
a variety of communication options including PCI-bus, serial and
Ethernet communications.  Remote monitoring is available using
a TCP/IP Ethernet link.  The modules also offer up to eight axis of
arbitrary path generation with cubic interpolation (PVT).

Optimized for motion control applications, ACS' powerful software
tools provide easy setup, tuning and programming and application
simulation.  The software enables the implementation of highly
complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning
and timing.  The free motion simulator can be downloaded at
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