Motion Sensor Controlled Lighting


LaMar Lighting introduces the new DLIR series luminaire. Expanding on our popular line of Occu-Smart® motion sensor controlled lighting, this all new dual level motion sensor controlled luminaire features an industry leading German engineered 3 pyro infrared sensor with 1,416 detection zones.  Sensors are easily upgradable to create wireless control zones virtually eliminating the need for re-circuiting.    

With a radial coverage range of up to 22' / 360 deg and a tangential reach of up to 60', the DLIR is ideally suited for applications such as parking garages, corridors, stairwells, restrooms, maintenance rooms and storage facilities.  This unit is offered as bi-level with a single F17T8 standby lamp and 1 or 2 4ft T8 lamps controlled by the sensor and is also available with an emergency battery backup.    


  • dual level
  • radial coverage range of up to 22' / 360 deg
  • 1,416 detection zones


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