Motor Control System


Organically combining motor and drive electronics in one compact package, MCS (Motor Control System) is a new generation of variable speed systems with Servo performance. MCS opens the way for engineers to design smaller footprint, higher performance machines.   In contrast to products on the market where the variable speed drive is attached to the motor, MCS naturally fits into a NEMA56 standard AC or DC motor frame. Reaching 3HP and only 8 inches long, MCS is the smallest package in the industry.  High performance is achieved by utilizing AC Brushless motor technology based on high energy magnets and an advanced winding technique. MCS operates from 115V AC single phase or 230V AC single/three phase.   

Interface is either analog via 0-10V or 4-20mA command or digital via Ethernet, MODBUS485 or USB. This Integrated approach provides key benefits in eliminating wiring and control panel space, and also allows for easy, “right out of the box” set up. Other key benefits are: servo-like velocity, torque regulation at speeds near zero, and energy savings.  Brushless motors are inherently much more efficient than AC Induction Motors. Available in power ranges from 0.5-3HP, MCS is designed for easy customization for the OEM market.  

Typical applications include precision conveyers, packaging machines, small spindles, centrifuges and pumps.


  • one compact package
  • 3HP and only 8 inches long
  • servo-like velocity

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