Motor-Mounted AC Vector Drives


NORD’s new SK200E lineof Motor mounted High performance vector drives are designed for distributed, decentralized control. This makes the SK200E more cost-effective through reduced wiring and panel costs, as well as more efficient space utilization.TheSK200E is simple to install and ideally suited for applications, such as conveyersand material handling systems.The SK200E series is available in 4 model sizes, ranging from0.33-10hp (0.25-7.5 kW), 3-phase 230V & 460V, 1-phase 120V, 230V. With a wide range of options and features that can accommodate anything from the simplest to the most complex  applications, SK200E drives provide modular and flexible capabilities for a diverse range of motor  control needs. The SK200E lineof drives utilizes a unique modular design, delivering optimized performance and exceptional reliability for various applications at very competitive cost. IP55 rating (NEMA 12) is standard, and  IP66 (NEMA 4) versions are available for use in wet or wash-down environments. Full torque and accurate speed regulation can be achieved down to a 30:1 turndown ratio when operating in sensor less vector control mode, and 1000:1 turndown in closed-loop vector control mode.


  • for distributed, decentralized control
  • reduced wiring and panel costs
  • 4 model sizes
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