Movable Housing Linear Slide


Bimba Manufacturing is pleased to introduce the newest addition to their linear slide product offering, the Movable Housing Linear Thruster. The Movable Housing Linear Slide is available in bore sizes 9/16” through 3”, spanning 7 different bore sizes and five guide shaft diameters. In addition, the Movable Housing Linear Slide is available with ball bearings (Model TMH) or composite bearings (Model TEMH) with both styles housed in black anodized carriages.
“This design compares favorably to competitive movable housing or gantry slides in load carrying capability, offering up to 50% more load carrying capability than the most popular competitive models,” said Bimba’s linear thruster Product Manager, Tom Carlson. To achieve increased load carrying, the new Movable Housing linear thruster uses a precision machined housing, guided by precision ground, case hardened chrome plated shafts powered by Bimba’s original round line cylinders.
Optional features include air cushions, internal and external bumpers and magnetic position sensing.

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