Mucon Valve Brochure


Kemutec proudly announces the launch of their Mucon Valve brochure.  The new comprehensive brochure provides a complete overview of their valves designed for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Powder Paints and Environmental Industries. 

Featured in the brochure is the Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve.  Mucon, the inventor of the original Iris Diaphragm Valve, offers a full range of Flow Control Valves for use in controlling the flow of powders or granules.  The valve is used world wide for their superb flow control characteristics and versatility. Also featured is the new Mucon Slide Gate Valve.  This innovative slide valve is designed for general-purpose powder and granule isolation applications.  Perfect for the simple shut-off on the outlet of hoppers and IBC’s, the valve is available in an array of features.

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