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NCCS, the developer of NCL multi-axis machining software for the aerospace, automotive and turbo machinery industry, announces availability of new tools that significantly improve tool path generation and machine simulation. Tools for Quality Improvement NCCS has enhanced its tool path and machine simulation software, NCL/IPV along with its universal post processor, PostWorks. These tools speed up the machining process of complex components and reduce metalcutting inefficiencies that can often occur with high-speed machining: NCL/IPV simulates the metal removal process and the movement of CNC machines, simultaneously! Users can realistically simulate the exact movements of their CNC machines and automatically detect collisions between all machine tool components. Most importantly, NCL/IPV eliminates scrapped parts, damaged machines, and machine down time;PostWorks is a universal 2 through 10-axis postprocessor and postprocessor generator. It converts output from most major CAM systems into CNC code, which can be used to run virtually any CNC device including mills, lathes, EDMs, lasers, CMMs, Mill-Turns, ultrasonic cutters, and routers. PostWorks is continually being enhanced to support advanced features found on modern CNC controls and sophisticated new multi-axis machine configurations. Users will save time and money by producing efficient CNC code that requires no manual editing. David Schultz, NCCS’ Manager of CAD/CAM Applications says, “We recognize the need to improve tool path techniques for high-end complex machining of parts. Our focus has been to add capabilities that reduce machine down time and increase productivity”.
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