Multi-channel Power Control is Compact and Efficient


One to ten channels of AC power may be configured in a single control. Typical uses would be vibratory feeder, lighting, and heating applications. Each channel can provide up to 12 Amps of half-wave or full wave adjustable power at 115 or 230 VAC. Power to the load is varied by adjusting the phase angle as determined by separate signal inputs. Individual signals may be 0-10, 0-5,VDC or 4-20 Ma. Manually adjusted signals with potentiometers are also accommodated.

Model numbers are determined by the drive modules used. Only a single power module is required for up to ten drives. The photo describes a 7-channel assembly, and would be a Model P1-D1-D1-D1-D1-D1-D1-D1. Typical OEM pricing would be $602.00 for the entire assembly.

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