Multi-functional Dilatometer


Anter Corporation has developed a very flexible dilatometer for high throughput thermal expansion (CTE) measurements. Using a modular design, multiple furnaces can test a wide variety of materials over a temperature range of –150 to 1200oC. Up to 4 independent samples can be tested at the same time with unattended operation, including overnight runs, for high return on investment.

Besides conventional cryogenic and high temperature furnaces for standard sample sizes according to ASTM methods, a unique furnace is available to test plate-type samples of low thermal conductivity, like polymers and composites, providing direct contact with the heating/cooling surface to reduce thermal lag during temperature ramping.

The easy-to-use WindowsTM-based operating and data analysis software does not require highly skilled operators or extensive training. The instrument’s small footprint requires minimal bench space. And as with all Anter dilatometers, modern absolute digital displacement transducers provide long-stroke, stable, linear, calibration-free performance without the need for a controlled-temperature environment or an external cooling source.

Anter, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a leader in producing thermophysical properties measuring instruments used in determining thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of materials. The company supplies equipment and provides testing services to research and quality assurance laboratories worldwide.


• Cryogenic to 500°C, Ambient to 1000/1200°C • Single, dual, or 4 sample • Research quality • Fast cycle options
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