Multi-Range Timer


Automatic Timing & Controls (ATC), a division of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies, today announced the global market launch of the new Model 328E DIN rail mount multi-range, multi-function industrial timer, designed to meet demanding OEM machinery, equipment and related manufacturing requirements. The ATC Model 328E features six timing ranges and a versatile dial-adjusted time-delay relay with a choice of On-Delay, Off-Delay or interval. The knob-selectable timing ranges are from 1 second to 10 hours, enabling the timer to provide any timing period between 50 milliseconds and 10 hours. Based on a unique digital circuit, the timer provides a status LED for cycle process annunciation and operates from 24–240 VAC and 24 VDC. 

The ATC Model 328E comes standard in a 48 by 96 mm DIN housing with an 11-pin base that accepts push-on connectors or plugs into a surface-mounted socket. The ATC Model 328E is a direct replacement for the ATC Models 328A, 328B, 328C and 328D and is FM approved  and CE and CSA certified. The ATC Model 328E reduces in-house inventory management requirements, by providing a single part number to competently support a range of industrial timing applications. With its versatility, enhanced functionality and extended service life, the timer is ideal for OEM equipment, packaging and plastics machinery, machinery control, materials handling, conveyor systems control, motors and pumps, and process related applications.


  • six timing ranges
  • dial-adjusted time-delay relay
  • timing period between 50 milliseconds and 10 hours
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