MultiCal 14 Temperature Calibrator with NIST Cal. Cert.


The NEW, MulitCal 14 Temperature Calibrator is a compact, light weight, and easy to use hand-held temperature calibrator that measures and simulates DC Voltage, Resistance, Thermocouples, and RTDs. The MultiCal 14 Temperature calibrator can display 5 digits for measurements and 6 digits for source values.

The MultiCal 14 includes:

  •  A Dual Liquid Crystal Display with white LED back-light
  •    The DC voltage output range of: 100mV; 1V; while it can measure up to: 50mV; 500mV
  •    A measuring resistance of: 500O; 5KO, and an output resistance of: 400O; 4KO
  •    A holster is shipped with every unit
  •    An automatically power off feature that turns off within 10 minutes if not used
  •    A low battery display symbol, so you know when to change the battery
  •    An automatic cold-end temperature offset

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