Multilog On-line System DMx


CMMA 9910/CMMA 9920
Universal distributed vibration monitor

The SKF Multilog On-line System DMx provides distributed vibration based machinery protection and condition monitoring in a single device, for use in both conventional and hazardous areas.

• 4-channel
• Intrinsically safe
• Integral eddy current probe drivers
• Reduced installation costs

SKF Reliability Systems – class leaders in condition monitoring, have joined forces with intrinsic safety experts Pepperl+Fuchs to develop the SKF Multilog On-line System DMx.

The SKF Multilog DMx offers a 4-channel vibration monitoring solution that for the first time allows the requirements of critical machinery monitoring, from transducer to dynamic data processing, to be fulfilled by an intrinsically safe device located on the machine skid.


• Sensors : 4-channels dynamic + two tachometer (one event per revolution for phase/speed). • Sensor types : Inputs from and power to 2-wire or 3-wire accelerometers, velocity transducers or eddy current probe systems. Integral eddy current driver circuits for directly connected eddy current probes. • Sensor power : 3.3 or 14 mA constant current, +20.5V constant voltage at up to 14 mA. • Logic input : Two logic inputs for external control or tachometer cascade from another Multilog DMx module • Operating voltage : 8.6 V to 9.5 V supplied by an IS power supply. • Power consumption : 4W typical.
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