Negotiation at Work


Negotiation at Work offers a helping hand to managers and trainers tasked with teaching this complicated art, science, and skill set, within a tight budget and with little time to prepare or spare. Grouped together by topic, a collection of highly effective, highly affordable, and easy-to-implement interactive exercises cover all the practical and tactical components of negotiation and all the delicate and volatile issues surrounding negotiations. Trainers also will find guidance on the optimal number of participants, a time estimate, suggestions for additional reading, and notes, with points to emphasize and practical pointers for keeping the session on point and engaging.


Exercises are designed to help learners:

  • Plan and prepare for a negotiation, down to weighing possible concessions in advance.
  • Find new ways to approach problems and negotiate with openness to creative solutions.
  • Get comfortable with cross-cultural negotiations and avoid potential minefields.
  • Understand how perceptions affect the negotiation process and overcome barriers to trust.
  • Assess different negotiating styles, including their own.
  • Practice and develop assertiveness, without crossing the line into aggressiveness.
  • Improve their ability to ask productive, information-gathering and clarifying questions.
  • Uncover underlying needs, interests, and agendas—both their own and the other party's.
  • Strive to collaborate, and know when to compromise.
  • Ease and control negotiations with difficult people . . . and much more.
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