NEMA Box with 3R Rating


Bud Industries has released a new NEMA box with a 3R rating and a variety of value-added features. This steel enclosure costs up to 25% less than competing products and includes an internal zinc-plated steel panel that most manufacturers offer as an accessory item. In compliance with the NEMA and UL-50 Type 3R rating, this NEMA box is approved for outdoor use in all types of industrial and commercial electrical control wiring applications. It provides a degree of protection against rain, sleet, and damage from the formation of external ice. 

The NEMA 3R box is constructed of heavy-duty 16 GA galvanized steel that provides excellent corrosion protection. The surface is coated with ASA-70 gray powder, making it easy to clean and highly durable. The enclosure’s internal zinc-plated steel panel simplifies component mounting, while external mounting brackets allow installation on vertical surfaces without the need to open the cover and expose internal components. Its hinged cover has a weather-resistant Neoprene gasket and a pad-lockable draw latch that is zinc-plated and powder coated. 


  • internal zinc-plated steel panel
  • approved for outdoor use
  • heavy-duty 16 GA galvanized steel

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