Neoprene/EPDM Closed Cell Tape


Pres-On is helping manufacturers improve the quality of their products with a line of neoprene/EPDM closed cell foams tapes that exhibit superior sound, shock and vibration cushioning while providing a tight, long-lasting seal against moisture, dust and air leaks. Available in three densities - soft (P8200), medium (P8100) and firm (p8300) - the tape features a rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side with a convenient release liner to accelerate product assembly. 

Manufacturers can replace rivets, screws, messy glues and welds on their products with this high tack, long-lasting adhesive. A blend of neoprene/EPDM provides an excellent solution to the challenges of gasketing and weatherstripping, especially for doors and windows. Resistance to acids, alkali, ozone and oxidation translate into a longer service life. In applications where flammability is a specification, the tape qualifies by passing stringent standards requirements set by UL (UL 94 HF1), FM (FMVSS302), and CAN/CSA (C22.2#07-92). The new tape meets most standard specifications for closed cell stock. It is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/16" to 1/2" in roll lengths from 25' to 100'. 


  • tight, long-lasting seal
  • available in three densities
  • roll lengths from 25' to 100'

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