Nevastane SFG Spray Grease for Food Equipment is Offered in Free Sample


TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. – formerly Keystone Lubricants - offers Nevastane® SFG synthetic food grade grease in a new 10 oz. spray can. TOTAL also offers it as a free sample in a 1.5 fl oz. (44.3 ml) spray can: link to the website and follow instructions. TOTAL’s Nevastane food grade lubricants are used on food processing machinery in all segments of the food industry, including beverages, snack foods, baking, meat processors, packaging plants, dairies, tobacco and related industries. Nevastane SFG spray grease is a premium synthetic product ideal for food machinery. It handles high loads, but less is required because it resists wash out. The spray can allows for precise, non-drip application on all lube points such as cams, ways, guides, slicers, gates, chains and other components. It leaves a tough, long lasting film that handles extreme conditions of heat or cold. It also resists steam, water, alkalis and food acids, making it suitable for equipment bearings and slides. Formulated using synthetic PAO base oil with a premium calcium complex sulfonate thickener, TOTAL Nevastane SFG grease protects across a temperature range of -55 to 390° F (-51 to 200° C), and possesses excellent thermal and mechanical stability. This contributes to extended machine life and minimizes contamination as required by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP). TOTAL SA is one of the largest petroleum products companies in the world. The company has pioneered many lubricant firsts and is a major producer of industrial, food-grade, air compressor, metal working, maintenance and specialty lubricants, including SafeGard® spray lubricants, for every type of application. TOTAL Lubricants USA, Inc. manufacturing facilities in Linden NJ, Rockingham NC and Knoxville TN are ISO 9000:2001 certified.
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