New 160 WATT, 3” x 5” AC/DC Power Supply with ATX Outputs


Power Sources Unlimited announces the XL160 Series of ultra small, highly efficient ac/dc power supplies which pack 160W of power into a 3” x 5” x 1.25” package.

The XL160 Series features a universal 90-264VAC input with active PFC. Nine models provide single or multiple outputs (single output models have a secondary 12VDC/1A output). Two models provide ATX outputs in the same 3” x 5” package, perfect for applications where the end user does not have the physical space that a traditional ATX supply requires.

The design features efficiencies up to 90%, comprehensive protection circuitry, remote sense on the primary output, and built-in OR’ing diodes for N+1 operation.

Worldwide safety compliance to Information Technology Equipment standards, RoHS compliance, and an MTBF in excess of 200,000 hours make the XL160 Series ideal for any application.

Units are competitively priced, starting at only $71.00 for OEM quantities.


• Nominal Input Voltage:100– 240 VAC • Maximum AC Input: 90 – 264 VAC • Input Frequency Range:47– 63 Hz • Input Current: 2.2 A @ 100 VAC • Input Protection: 3.15 A fuse • Safety Isolation:3000 VAC input to output • 1500 VAC input to ground • Inrush Current: 33 A @ 115 VAC • Power Factor Active PFC circuitry, meets • Correction:or exceeds EN61000-3-2 • Total Power:160 W • Hold-up Time: Minimum 22 mS at all input voltages • Efficiency:Up to 90%† • Minimum Load: No load† • Over / Under Shoot:Maximum 10% at turn-on • Operating Temperature: –25 to +50˚C • Temperature Derating:2.5% / degree C to 70˚C • Storage Temperature:–40 to +85˚C • Forced Air Cooling: 10 CFM • Convection Cooling: See Product Specification • Leakage Current: <1.5 mA • MTBF: >200,000 hours calculated
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