ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP. introduces the new CMK series 2 phase step motor and microstepping driver packages. This RoHS compliant series combines a compact light weight microstep driver (0.11 pounds) with either a 0.9 degree-per-step or a 1.8 degree-per-step 2 phase hybrid step motor. The newly designed Oriental Motor compact 24 volt dc board level driver is able to divide the 2-phase motor’s basic step angle of 1.8 degree-per-step by a maximum of 16 microsteps per step to achieve 0.1125 degree-per-step without the use of a reduction mechanism or other mechanical elements. This results in reduced audible noise and vibration of your equipment. The driver is 62% lighter and has 41% less installation area than the Oriental Motor conventional driver. The CMK Series comes in five frame sizes as well as four motor types. The high resolution step motor type (0.9°) is available in 2 frame sizes, 1.65” square or 2.22” square. The high-torque step motor type is available in 3 frame sizes, 1.1” square, 1.38” square, and 1.65” square. The standard (1.8°) step motors include the 1.65” square, 1.97” square and 2.22” square frame sizes. Oriental Motor also provides a series of step-gear motors in sizes 1.10” square, 1.65” square and 2.36” square frame sizes. Gear ratios include 3.6:1, 7.2:1, 9:1, 10:1, 18:1, and 36:1.
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