New 2,500 CFM Downdraft Bench Dust Collector


United Air Specialists (UAS) announces the new SDB downdraft bench dust collector designed for applications where workers need an integrated collection area and work surface. With a powerful downdraft velocity of up to 100 feet per minute and air volumes up to 2,500 CFM, the SDB captures the smoke, dust and powders resulting from a variety of manufacturing operations including grinding, polishing, hand sanding and dry buffing.

By drawing particles and contaminants away from the worker’s breathing zone, the SDB helps companies comply with OSHA regulations and protect employees. Removing the pollutant particles close to the source also prevents dust from migrating to areas with sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment, reducing facility maintenance.

The SDB’s 80” x 55” grated work surface can accommodate loads of up to 75 pounds per square foot. Hinged side wings open to accommodate larger work pieces and uniform air distribution maintains superior dust control over the entire work area.

Another key advantage is the SDB’s easy operation and maintenance. The system automatically self-cleans when pulses of compressed air dislodge dust from the filters upon shutdown. High capacity, lightweight dust drawers allow for longer periods of uninterrupted operation before they must be emptied. Additionally, filters and collection drawers can be manually inspected and/or emptied and changed without the use of any tools.

Other features include:
· Pressure gauge indicates when filters require replacement, eliminating the guesswork
· Assembled system is ready for use
· Powder coated finish prevents fading, chalking and corrosion
· 3 horsepower motor and 230-460/3/60 voltage
· Simple installation, requiring only an electrical connection and compressed air for the in-place cleaning

Options include special filter media (including flame-retardant, HEPA and carbon after-filters), Photohelic gauge, a non-sparking fan wheel and 208/3/60 voltage.
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