New 384-Page B620 Bearing Catalog/Handbook from QBC Features over 4,978 Standardized Off-The-Shelf Bearings


Garden City Park, New York — The process of selecting the right bearing for your application just became easier with the publication by Quality Bearings & Components - QBC of their 384-page "B620" Bearing catalog/handbook which features over 4,978 off-the-shelf bearings of all types.

A highlight of the catalog is a 111-page technical section about bearing design and selection.
Featured are rolling contact bearings, sintered-metal bearings, plus plastic and nonmetallic bearings. Reviewed are bearing selection factors, load factors, tolerances, sizing, and bearing mounting. The catalog references the new Web site and our new eStore which allows you to check price and availability, place an order or request a quote anytime. QBC also provides custom-made bearings and shafting to the customer print.  QBC can supply on-site relubing of bearings in a certified class 1000 clean room.
The catalog itself is divided into 9 product sections. Major product groups include: ball bearings, thrust bearings, sleeve bearings, needle bearings, roller clutches, guide wheels & rail systems, linear ball bearings, lined aluminum linear bearings, and inner and outer ring spacers.

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