New 3Layer Remote Head FireWire Camera Achieves Full Color Clarity from Single-Chip CMOS Sensor


ANAHEIM, CA, FEBRUARY 13, 2007 (MD&M Show Booth# 315) — Toshiba Teli America, Inc. announced today that it is incorporating a Foveon™ X3 1/3-inch CMOS progressive scan sensor into its new 3Layer FireWire-B 5.0 megapixel camera. The result is artifact-free, high-resolution color video comparable to a similar sized 3CCD camera, at a lower price to the end-user.

“This is the world’s first industrial camera to use the Foveon CMOS image sensor, providing high definition quality images in a three layer chip,” said Doug Freck, President/CEO, Toshiba Teli America, Inc. “The advantage is smaller size, less weight and higher heat tolerances than a conventional CCD with no pixel shifts and shading problems of a CCD. Plus, the camera is FireWire-B for direct connection to a PC.”

Suited for microscopy, machine vision and other medical and industrial imaging applications, the new 3Layer camera achieves 1400 (H) x 1050 (W) resolution with no optical distortions and 5.0-micron square cells from each of its three layers (RGB). Stacked together, the layers capture 100% color at every pixel location with no interpolation. Frame rate at full image is 6.5 FPS, with 20 FPS high-speed readout possible in the 2x2-binning mode.

The 29mm remote camera head, combined with three meters of free length cable, qualify the 3Layer for the most space-sensitive applications. Rounding out its feature set is compatibility with C-mount lenses and internal sync.

Toshiba Teli America, Inc. provides customers with its SDK developer kit and direct view software at no extra charge. The kit and software are valued at $500 (U.S.) and will support the new Microsoft VISTA operating systems.
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