New 5-Phase Microstepping Motor And Driver Package


Oriental Motor USA Corp. introduces the new CRK series of 5-phase microstepping motor and driver packages. This series combines a high-performance 5-phase stepping motor with a compact, low-vibration microstepping driver. A new smooth drive function significantly reduces speed fluctuations, vibration and audible noise during operation. In microstep operating mode, the CRK driver provides 25 preset angle selections up to a capability of 250 microsteps per full step. The basic step angle can be adjusted to match a 2-phase stepping motor’s step angles, so a switchover from the 2-phase microstep mode can be easily made without having to change input pulses. The advanced CRK board level driver is only 2.56” long by 1.77” wide by 0.98” high, which is 47.5% smaller than the conventional full step driver. This lightweight driver weighs just 1.4 ounces. The CRK series is available in four frame sizes, 20mm (0.79”), 28mm (1.10”), 42mm (1.65”), and 60mm (2.36”). There are a wide range of motors to choose from including standard models, high torque models, and geared models. Motors are available with step motor holding torques ranging from 3.2 ounce-inches (0.79” frame size) to 230 ounce-inches (2.36” frame size). The high torque models achieve 30% to 50% higher torque by adopting new design technology for the 0.79”, 1.10” and 1.65” frame sizes. A wide selection of geared motors is attainable for the 1.10”, 1.65” and 2.36” frame sizes. The standard tapered hob TH gear type has gear ratios from 3.6:1 to 30:1 with a maximum backlash of 60 arc-minutes. The planetary PN gear type possesses gear ratios from 5:1 to 50:1 with a maximum backlash of 3 arc-minutes. The harmonic HG gear type provides gear ratios of 50:1 and 100:1 with no backlash.There are 82 different combinations of step motor frame sizes and gear types for the user to choose from. The CRK series is designed to conform to both UL/CSA recognized standards and EMC directives.


* Lower Vibration * Increased Position Accuracy * Higher Resolution
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