New ABB general machinery drives shift OEM growth into high gear


New ABB general machinery drives shift OEM growth into high gear

NEW BERLIN, Wis., February 13, 2006 . . . Because average throughput-time-per-unit is a critical factor in overall profitability for machine manufacturers, ABB's new-generation general machinery drives have been designed to cut machine building and assembly times significantly. The drives, model ACS350, are designed specifically for global OEMs and system integrators and can operate in V/Hz, sensorless and flux vector control modes. They are offered in a full 0.5 to 10 horsepower range, and offer a complete feature set that includes a deep set of parameters and programming options able to deliver the application flexibility and functionality required by demanding machines and panels.

“Repeat, Repeat, Repeat” in Production Spells Profitability
Ideal for a wide range of machinery applications in market segments that include food processing, material handling, textiles, printing, rubber and plastics, and woodworking, “these machinery drives are designed to be the fastest in the market – for installation, setting/repeating parameters, and starting up motors,” said Jukka Nurmi, product line manager, ABB Inc., Low Voltage Drives.
“’Repeat Repeat Repeat’ is so critical to volume,” noted Nurmi, “but, for drives, this must be a repeatable installation/programming that is extremely consistent, quick – and accurate. This new line of machinery drives is designed to deliver those critical benefits to builders, without the need to treat every unit as a single consideration.”

New FlashDrop Technology Replicates Parameters in Seconds – No Power to Drive Needed
ABB's patented FlashDrop technology, an option with the machinery drives, makes parameter selection and setting quick as a touch. Critical parameters can be quickly and safely downloaded into the new drives, using a hand-held FlashDrop unit.

“The FlashDrop can store several parameter sets and, for extra convenience, each set can be named to show clearly the associated application,” Nurmi noted. “This parameter setting can be done without a power connection to the drive; in fact, it is not even necessary to unpack the drive. The FlashDrop probe is simply inserted into the receptacle on the face of the drive. It takes about two seconds.”

This makes it easy for distributors to pre-configure drives prior to delivery - and helps OEMs replicate exact parameter sets across machines, easing further the machine start-up process for customers.

FlashDrop also allows the menu structure to be customized. Parameters can be set and hidden, changing the appearance of the menu for faster set up and configuration. This makes it easier for the end user to use the machine, and also ensures that they only can adjust the parameters that the machine builder wants them to. The FlashDrop unit can be connected to a PC for creating and editing parameters using the interface, and to tap into the PC’s additional storage capacity. FlashDrop is quick and convenient to use, and no specialized knowledge is required.

Sequence Programming Delivers Pre-set Sequences Again and Again
Sequence programming, a feature in the new drives, provides a straightforward way to utilize built-in logic control for sequences of motor/machinery operation. These programs are sufficient for many basic applications in which the drive controls the motor, using signals from sensors and limit switches. Utilization of this programming “makes for less complex motor control systems, the necessity of external devices, speeds start up - and lowers costs for OEMs,” notes Nurmi.

When machines do require very complex motor control, there are extensive parameter settings in the ACS350 drives, Nurmi said. “That versatility offers builders the capacity and flexibility to program in complex sequences of logic for specific machines – and then repeat that logic easily across machines using FlashDrop.”

Optimized User Interfaces Saves Builders and Users Costs
The user interface available for the ACS350 delivers greater flexibility and reduces costs for builders and users. ABB offers a “cost efficient solution to builders and users, with different control panel options that match the functionality needed,” Nurmi said.

Standard ACS350 drives will include a basic control panel that features a single-line numeric display. With this panel, users can control the drive, set parameter values, and/or copy those values from drive to drive.

Or, builders and users can choose as an option to purchase the machinery drives with a Blank Cover, or with Potentiometer and Switches, or with an Advanced Panel, which provides a full graphical display, assistants, dynamic menus, a real-time clock, a help function – all in 14 languages.
“The idea is that users who require a panel can select between two types – the basic or advanced,” said Nurmi. “Both are detachable, so an end-user could acquire a single panel to swap between a number of drives.” The control panel also works well with ABB standard drives line, the ACS550 series.

Filter, Chopper, Built In; Minimal Space Requirements on Panel, in Cabinet
The new ACS350 drives incorporate both a built-in EMC filter and a braking chopper as standard. The 2nd environment filter complies with IEC61800-3 for usage of the drives on machines and applications around the world, and the chopper provides 100 percent dynamic braking power.
The drives are designed for convenient installation in control cabinets and optimal use of space within them. The drives can be mounted side-by-side without the need for air gaps, and all drives across the range feature the same height and depth, with only the width changing for different power ratings. The drives can be mounted using a DIN rail and, in limited space, with one side to the back of the cabinet.

The drives are extremely modular and easy to incorporate into machines. The also are easy to handle and install, with the 10Hp version weighing only 5.5 lbs.

Quick, Simple Control Connections – I/O, Fieldbus
The drives have comprehensive control connections: there are two analog and five digital inputs (of which one can be configured for pulse train), and one analog, one relay and one digital output. The drives feature a totally new generation of Fieldbus, with small, enclosed, plug-in adapters offering high-speed communications; Fieldbus modules available for the drives include Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CANopen.

The ACS350 drives' own housing provides IP20 protection. They are available for 1-phase 240V operation, in a 0.5 to 3 Hp range; 3-phase 240V operation, in a 0.5 to 5 Hp range; and in 3-phase 480V, from 0.5 to 10 Hp range.

ABB Inc., Automation Technologies, Automation Products, Low Voltage Drives, is the world's largest manufacturer of electric motors and drives. In the USA, an integrated channel of sales representatives, distributors, and system integrators allow ABB, New Berlin, Wisconsin, to supply a complete line of energy-efficient electric drives, motors and engineered drive systems to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers. Products manufactured include AC and DC variable speed drives for electric motors from 1/8th through 135,000 HP, and application-specific drive system solutions to meet diverse customer needs.
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