New ACE500 - High Voltage Brushless Digital Servo Amplifier


Automotion, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our new ACE500 series high voltage, all digital, brushless servo amplifiers. Utilizing a DSP based architecture this new product provides software selectable Torque, Velocity, or Position (Step & Direction) Mode operation. Sine wave commutation provides smooth torque at low speeds for demanding motion control requirements found in robotic, direct drive, and linear motor applications.

The ACE500 utilizes an AC servo (flux vector) control algorithm that provides higher dynamic response and better noise immunity over older generation servo control techniques. By employing state-of-the-art AC flux vector control using modern space vector modulation, the ACE500 is a robust motor controller with lower current harmonics which means smoother, more efficient motor control.

Like its’ ACE1000 predecessor, the new ACE500 was engineered to be one of the most space-efficient, high voltage digital brushless servo-amplifier available on the market. Measuring just 6.9" (175mm) by 5.2" (132mm) by 1.95" (50mm) overall, this compact amplifier can handle power inputs of 90 to 254 V for AC, single phase, or 120 to 360 V for DC. Other standard features on the ACE500 include serial drive status diagnostics, EN60950, UL1950 and CSA22.2.14 safety compliance standards, UL recognized and CE marked (Low Voltage Directive), along with field upgradable DSP firmware.

The ACE500 is part of Automotion’s new generation of intelligent servo-amplifiers based upon advanced DSP technology and is supported with our easy-to-use AutoMotionPLUS™ Window's based set-up and tuning utility. With its built-in graphical tuning and diagnostic capabilities, the ACE500 brings a new level of motion control application flexibility and efficiency to Automotion's OEM customers. Availability is typically Stock to 4 weeks.


• Output: VDC 120 to 360, 310 nominal @ 220 VAC • Output Power Peak: kW 3.2 • Phase Cur. Peak: A 15 • Phase Cur. Cont. A 7.5 • Bridge PWM: kHz 30, 15 center-aligned • Cur. Loop Bandwidth: Hz Digitally selectable, 2 kHz typ. • Motor Inductance: mH 0.25 to 50 typ. • Motor feedback &: VDC +5, 3% reg., user supplied • Interface power mA 250 • Ambient Temp. Range: °C 0 to 50 • Overtemp Trip: °C 70 on cold plate surface • Humidity: 5% to 95% RH, Non-Condensing • Hi Pot Rating: 3000 VAC for 1 minute from SELV
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