New Adapter Solution for Smart Cable 1784-U2DHP Makes Accessing Simple!


Grace Engineered Products has once again come through on its commitment to bringing innovative products for practical solutions. Its newest product is the C-ABDH-Adapter which was a specifically-created solution to an inconvenient problem.

Older Allen-Bradley processors are accessible only with a DB9 Female plug, which makes accessing the database difficult. The C-ABDH-Adapter from Grace Engineered Products utilizes an 8MDIN Female to DB9 Male Adapter for DH= that converts the 8MDIN cable end of the standard 1785-U2DHP to a DB9M!

Grace Engineered Products is a leading innovator in the realm of electrical safety devices. Their line of Thru-Door™ convenience safety interfaces, GracePort®, has an infinite number of combinations. All GracePorts® are built after the order is received according to their customer’s precise specifications and, in most cases, are shipped within 3-5 business days. All data ports are clearly marked as to their function and there are no quantity minimums or maximums when order.
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