New Additions In Tuthill Controls Group Product Literature/Catalog


New Haven, IN – Tuthill Controls Group has made updates to their “Linking Motion & Control” Product Catalog by adding five control cable sections and several new products to the Linkages offerings. The binder provides specific information about the company’s complete range of mechanical motion control products which include mechanical control assemblies, control cables, levers and pedals, as well as their industrial/commercial rod ends, precision/heavy duty rod ends, spherical bearings, ball joints, swivels and clevises/safety fasteners/pins.

The new sections are titled Control Cable Assemblies, Hand Control Assemblies, Foot Control Assemblies, MTS/Manual Shift Systems, and Hardware/End Fittings. Each product page includes the part description, applications, features, materials and size charts with various lengths, widths, diameters, weights, thread sizes and bores available for each part. The sections are color-coded and index pages are provided for easy reference.

The Linkage section includes components and complete assemblies suitable for numerous mechanical motion transfer devices and applications. The product additions include:

Rod Ends – Specialty

Industrial VIB: Vibralink™, High Vibration and Misalignment

· Suitable for many industrial/mechanical motion transfer applications

· Delivers extra vibration dampening durability

· Provides flexibility, is interchangeable with most standard rod ends

Spherical Bearing

Industrial COM-P: Molded Race, Self- Lubricating, Loader Slot Design

· More economical and shows better wear characteristics and better strength

· Ball loaded into the key slot and held in by both the fiberglass reinforced nylon

& metal housing

· COM-P housing design can be plated on all surfaces for extra corrosion resistance and requires no machining after assembly

Clevises / Safety Fastener / Pins Industrial

· Machined clevis style supports tolerances unachievable with forged style clevises

· Higher tolerances allow for tighter fit-ups while also giving a cleaner look

Linkage Assemblies Industrial

· Used for lawn and garden, trucks, buses, construction and agriculture

· Available in metric and inch sizes, & straight or bent

· Include a rod or tubing in adjustable or fixed lengths with a wide variety of end fittings such as rod ends, ball joints or clevis

Performance Linkage: Spherical Bearings

Precision/Heavy Duty Spherical Bearings with Optional V-Groove Version: Wide, Narrow, and High Misalignment Series

· Stainless Steel

· Swaged Race

· PTFE Lined

Tuthill Controls provides mechanical controls to diverse markets including aviation, performance racing (land, sea and air), military, lawn and garden, construction equipment, farm equipment, industrial machinery, HVAC equipment, as well as other OEM and aftermarket parts applications.

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