New Aliphatic, Corrosion Resistant Joint Sealant


CHEMTHANE 1350 is a chemical resistant, two component (2:1 mix ratio) elastomeric polymer that holds up to moisture, mildly acidic or mildly alkaline environments. According to information provided by the company: “This product will provide an excellent level of protection for expansion joints, cracks, and construction joints. CHEMTHANE 1350 will protect against freeze thaw dynamics. The UV stability of CHEMTHANE 1350 will allow many years of service.”

This product should not be used in high wear areas, since the high elongation is more suited to moderate and light wear applications.

CHEMTHANE 1350 is best suited for interior and exterior concrete floors such as aircraft hangars, factories, retail stores and distribution/warehousing facilities. The product can be color matched to the floor coating.

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