New and Improved Rotator


Interthor, the leading manufacturer for material handling
equipment, has unveiled a new Rotator with a larger capacity of 2200 lbs. The Rotator is
available in two models – with multi-purpose carriage or with forks.
“The improved Rotator not only takes into consideration safer working conditions for the user, but
allows for customization of individual requirements,” said Richard Kopacz, president, Interthor,
Inc. “The Rotator is prepared to adapt to the customers needs and work environment – whether in
the food, printing, distribution, component or pharmaceutical industries.”
Interthor products are designed with a focus on safety and the Rotator’s goal is to optimize
working conditions. The Rotator with forks can tilt crates and boxes so that the user can reach the
contents without stretching and straining his or her back. The Rotator can turn a box 180° to fully
empty the container. On the Rotator with a multi-purpose carriage it is possible to fix and rotate
different items, including tools. This model can be adapted to the requirements of the individual
customers. Ensuring the most optimum support of a box, it is also possible to fit box holders with
or without clamps.
The Rotator also has a controller that can set the degree of tilt and rotation speed and
acceleration and deceleration.
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