Aremcolox tm 502-1400-99 is a high density, full-fired, 99% pure alumina ceramic that provides exceptional
abrasion and corrosion resistance as well as high mechanical strength and electrical resistance for continuous
operating temperatures to 3000 oF (1650 oC). Properties include a compressive strength of 340,000 psi,
flexural strength of 46,000 psi and dielectric strength of 225 volts/mil.
Aremcolox tm 502-1400-99 demonstrates exceptional chemical and erosion resistance. It experiences no
weight loss when exposed to high concentrations of sulphuric acid for extended periods of time and
demonstrates a very low index of volume loss upon extensive impingement and erosion tests.
Aremcolox tm 502-1400-99 parts are fabricated to close tolerances thru injection molding, isostatic pressing
and diamond machining processes. Lapped, polished and metallized surface finishes are also available.
Typical applications include burner nozzles, alignment fixtures, bobbins, combustion chambers, feed-thrus,
pump liners, rail guides, stand-offs, and wear tiles.
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