A maximum of 34.9/24.8 HP is available for synchronized shaft/work turning with two spindle motors (Left: 20.1/14.8 HP, 8000 RPM; and Right: 14.8/10.1 HP, 6000 RPM). The NTJX has a maximum turning diameter of 9.65” (245 mm), a maximum turning length of 42.91” (1090 mm), and bar capacity of 2” (51 mm). Machining may be performed using the upper B-Axis tool spindle or with lower turret driven tools. With a Y-Axis stroke of 5.5" (140 mm) and a B-Axis positioning range of 230°, the 10/5 HP 8000 RPM tool spindle is ideal for larger parts. A 40-station servo-driven ATC provides 1.3 second tool changes (tool-to-tool). The 7.4/5 HP 6000 RPM driven lower turret accommodates 12 rotating or 24 fixed tools and has a Y-Axis stroke of 2.75" (70 mm). The Super NTJX's footprint is approximately 186”W x 115”D.The Super NTJX features the Fanuc 31iA CNC control with nanometer resolution for smooth movement and improved accuracy. Overload detection and NT Nurse programming/monitoring software are also standard, as is NT Work Navigator (torque-type) software, which further reduces costs by eliminating the need for positioning jigs and fixtures.


* B-Axis milling head * 40 ATC Tools Standard (CAPTO C6 Standard) * 140mm / (±70mm) Y-axis on upper turret * (-50+20mm) on Lower Turret Y-Axis * 8000rpm (12,000 optional) Milling speed * 10HP Built-in tool spindle motor * 20HP / 15HP Motor power * 7.5HP Lower turrets milling motor * 230 degree B-axis positioning range (±115degree) * Optional expandable 80, 120, and 160 tool magazine
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