New Bandsaw Blades Featuring “Bi-Metal Unique” Technology


Today, The L.S. Starrett Company announced the introduction of Die Pro Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades featuring excellent wear, heat, abrasion and shock resistance to provide faster production cutting and lower cost per cut. The blade’s design features triple-tempered M-42 high-speed steel teeth with 8% cobalt (HRc 67-69), combined with the Starrett-exclusive Bi-Metal Unique™ saw blade technology for faster cutting, stronger blades and longer blade life with greater resistance to breakage.

Starrett’s Bi-Metal Unique material bonding technology provides several key advantages. The technology joins two strips of high-speed steel wires to a backing steel in a solid phase, using the principle of solid-state diffusion bonding agent. This proprietary (patent pending) solid-state diffusion process generates 170% more weld contact area compared to the existing bi-metal high-speed steels. This significantly reduces fracture and breakage at the high-speed steel / backing material interface, promoting longer blade life.

Soon after initial use, the teeth develop a groove in the very thin center of the backing material. As a result, the cutting stroke produces dual chips that are more easily removed, to provide faster cutting. This chip clearing benefit is called Split Chip Advantage®.

Die Pro Bi-Metal Blades can be used on both light-duty horizontal and vertical machines. The blades are suitable for contour and general-purpose sawing, maintenance and tool rooms. Applications include tool, die and mold steels, carbon steels, low alloy and nonferrous materials, and aluminum. Die Pro blades cut a variety of shapes, solids and tubing.
“Die Pro blades offer band saw users an ideal solution for fast, efficient cutting,” says Mr. Greg Cook, Starrett Saw Division Sales Manager. “By integrating Bi-Metal Unique technology in Die Pro’s design, users have a durable, long lasting blade that is suitable for a variety of applications.”
Die Pro blades are available in a variety of constant and variable pitch configurations, with all widths ½ “ or less. Pitches range from 3 to 18 teeth per inch and are offered in positive rake, straight rake and wavy set / zero rake configurations.
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