New Battery Charger Provides Safe and Optimal Charging of Lithium-Based Battery Cells


Nexergy, a leading designer, integrator, and manufacturer of battery packs and chargers, announces the LC Series of battery chargers designed specifically for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lithium-polymer (Li-polymer) batteries.The new LC Series chargers feature the ability to be tailored to the unique charging requirements of each application. Nexergy’s ability to supply custom chargers for their manufactured battery packs reflects the company’s commitment to supply customers with the optimal portable power system for each application, from start to finish. The cost-effective LC charger series shares a common platform with Nexergy’s NC Series chargers for nickel-based battery chemistries, giving customers a total solution for their portable power requirements. The LC Series is available in a 12 or 24 Watt version, with output current of up to 3A. Its higher available voltage allows the chargers to accommodate batteries with up to six Li-ion or Li-polymer cells in series. The LC chargers are customized with sophisticated firmware proprietary to Nexergy, aligning charge current and voltage to match the specific charging needs of the battery pack. The firmware allows Nexergy engineers to program an extensive array of functions, from pre-charge qualification to remote voltage sensing and state of charge signaling. The sophisticated design of the charger allows the LC series to detect the presence of a battery even when the protection circuit has shut off the battery’s output. Special built-in safety precautions are standard, ensuring maximum battery life while protecting against overcharge: · Prequalification of the battery condition is performed before charging will commence. Charge will be limited or disabled if conditions are not appropriate for the cell to receive full charge· If the cell voltage is low, a trickle charge will be enabled, limiting charge current until the cell can accept a higher charge rate· The current applied to the battery is regulated up to the constant voltage stage, and the voltage is pre-programmed to the safe limits of the Li-ion cell, guarding against overcharge· Charging is automatically stopped if the temperature exceeds a pre-programmed threshold; Charge time can be limited to prevent it from being applied to damaged cells which cannot reach normal termination. The LC Series has received both commercial and medical agency approvals for use with portable electronic devices in Europe and North America. The chargers are available in both desktop configurations and wall-plug versions for North America, Continental Europe, or the UK.
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