New “C” Series Anti-Backlash Nut


Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc., (Haydon), Waterbury, CT – is pleased to announce the development of a new series of anti-backlash nuts. Offering a simple yet effective solution, Haydon’s new series of anti-backlash nuts are designed to optimize system stiffness without sacrificing life or increasing drag torque. These nuts can be used in conjunction with Haydon’s existing line of linear actuators or as a standalone product along with Haydon’s extensive selection of Acme leadscrews.

The “C” Series Anti-Backlash Nuts or Compression Style Anti-Backlash Nuts are designed to eliminate the clearance between the threads of the nut and the threads of the leadscrew. The “C” style nut eliminates backlash by pushing the two nuts away from each other. The compression spring, which rests on the front nut, applies a force to the ring which transfers the force to the rear nut. This action forces the rear nut away from the front nut, removing that backlash between the two nuts. The nut design compensates for wear while eliminating lock-up issues common when traversing from worn areas to unworn areas of the screw. Utilizing a proprietary blend of self lubricating polyacetal in conjunction with our precision rolled 303 stainless steel screw material, this nut provides smooth operation throughout the life of the assembly. Designed to provide maximum life with one-time lubrication, this nut also performs exceptionally when run dry in conjunction with Haydon’s Black Ice ™ coated screws. Black Ice is a Haydon trademarked PTFE coating process that eliminates the flaking that commonly occurs with other PTFE coatings. Haydon also offers a wide selection of greases designed to meet any application requirement.

Due to the self lubricating properties of the plastic, these new anti-backlash nuts are ideally suited for applications in many industries including, medical, food processing, industrial, or wherever precise positioning is required as they eliminate the minimal backlash between the leadscrew and nut interface. They are available in a wide range of diameters and leads.
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