New C&M Computer Cable for High Speed, Low Skew Performance


C&M engineers have developed a new high performance, high speed, flexible cable assembly that delivers 120 signals over high precision coax with 120 grounds, all with optimized signal integrity. Performance attributes designed in are a 50 (+/-5) ohm impedance, <35 ps of skew and a velocity of propagation over 85%.

This new C&M cable design of 60 dual coax and 120 ground wires (some to deliver power) is terminated at both ends by 160 position Micropax™ connectors. A custom over-molded back shell and retention system was also designed into the connectors, while C&M’s direct attached technology was used to connect the cable to the connectors. The connectors and the cable are EMI shielded and the overall assembly is fitted with a minimally conductive sleeving for ESD protection. Such high performance cable assemblies are needed to meet the demands of today’s high speed, low skew requirements.
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