New Cart Design for Metalworking Shops


Creform Corporation, Greer SC, has introduced a new cart design for metalworking shops to use at-the-machine for storing and moving finished or in-process parts.  The cart is easily positioned so machine operators can comfortably load finished parts onto the storage conveyors. The unique aspect of the cart is that it allows coolant to drain off machined parts, capturing it for reuse or easy disposal.  A drip pan located under the part storage area has a built-in drain and hose hooked up to a container for capturing the coolant.  The cart accommodates either water or petroleum based coolants.  Captured coolant can be returned to the machine tool’s sump, deposited in a coolant recovery and processing unit or just properly disposed.  In addition, residual coolant remaining on the parts is minimal making them easier to clean prior to shipment. 
The clear plastic shielding on top of the cart helps prevent airborne contaminants or dust from settling on the parts.  The cart as shown has a 400 lb capacity with a 30″ X 60″ footprint and 50″ height.  It is designed and built using the Creform System of plastic coated steel pipes and metal joints.  These Creform carts are custom built to meet specific sizes of machined parts, and as needs change they can be easily resized.  A pipe cutter and some simple tools are all that are needed for assembly.  This unit is built using Creform marine blue 28mm pipe and metal joints, however, other pipe colors are available for distinguishing carts by use designation or to enhance an enterprise-wide appearance.
The cart’s parts conveyors consist of plastic ‘skatewheels’ mounted in aluminum conveyor tracks that are easily adjusted to fit different part sizes while being impervious to machining coolants.  The cart has 4″ diameter urethane casters, which provide easy, stable and safe movement for positioning and if required locking casters are available.
For heavier parts most structures can be built with Creform 42mm pipe and joints for added strength.  42mm pipe is 2-1/2 times stronger than standard 28mm pipe so it can handle extra weight without additional bracing.


  • for storing and moving finished or in-process parts
  • allows coolant to drain off machined parts
  • clear plastic shielding on top of the cart
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