New CHEMTEK® Butyl and Viton® Gloves For Protection Against Hazardous Chemicals


REDBANK, New Jersey (March 28, 2006) - New literature from Ansell describes ChemTek® gloves, which provide the highest level of protection for handling hazardous chemicals in manufacturing and chemical processing facilities. The new gloves are offered in two styles for superior chemical protection for first responders and others working with potentially hazardous or unknown substances.

ChemTek Butyl gloves deliver the ketone resistance of natural rubber combined with better hydrocarbon resistance. ChemTek Viton® gloves are dual polymer, providing a less costly solution compared to Viton by itself for applications where workers face aggressive chemical exposure.

"Ansell's ChemTek gloves provide aggressive chemical protection, yet are designed for comfort with a natural, curved ergonomic shape and soft polymer feel," said Bill Bennett, Business Development Manager for Chemical Resistant Products.

ChemTek Butyl gloves offer excellent dexterity and the highest permeation resistance to gases and chemical vapors of any glove material currently on the market. They are appropriate for aggressive environments in which workers require protection against esters, ketones, strong oxidizing agents and a wide range of chemicals considered particularly harsh.

For even heavier duty applications, flexible ChemTek Viton gloves feature Viton/Butyl construction to assure the highest chemical-resistance against aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene or xylene. The gloves provide superior barrier protection from most chlorinated solvents and aliphatic hydrocarbons and assure workers an added level of protection when facing exposure to hazardous chemicals and unknown contaminants.

ChemTek Butyl gloves are available in 14 mil, 20 mil and 28 mil versions with either a rough or smooth finish; ChemTek Viton gloves offered in thicknesses of 12 mil, 20 mil or 28 mil with a smooth finish. Both the ChemTek Butyl and Viton gloves may be ordered in 12- and 14-inch lengths for easy donning and added wrist protection.

About Ansell
Celebrating more than 100 years, Ansell has long been recognized for the safety solutions and technology it has provided the hand protection and safety apparel industry. Besides high quality products, the company offers a comprehensive business solutions approach to help manufacturers achieve their cost reduction mandates. Ansell personal protective clothing specialists work directly with corporate and plant representatives to develop highly effective programs with quantifiable results.

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