New Compact Laser Marking System Produces High Definition Marks for Metals and Plastics


TECHNIFOR’s new compact diode-pumped TD410 laser marking system offers highly quality, repeatable and reliable marks required on plastics and metals over a complete range of medical applications. The unit utilizes high peak power and excellent beam quality and produces a very small spot for optimum precision required in electronic components, sensors, boards, cables, containers as well as automotive, aerospace and tooling parts. The unit is air cooled with a low maintenance with a lifetime greater than 10,000 hours. An adjustable head with 360 degree orientation allows for greater application flexibility and versatility. The small footprint makes for easy integration on line or use as simple dedicated marking system.

Easy marking job programming includes user-friendly marking software with a full range of graphics. The unit is capable of marking all forms of bar codes including UID, QR Codes and 2D datamatrices, text and logos. In addition, control of all traceability data is provided for: date, time, serialization, shift codes, control of variable data, interfaces with external databases and more. The TD410 is ready for computer free-use or direct link to PLC depending on application needs.


• Type: Pulsed Ytterbium Laser fiber • Power: 10 or 20 W • Wave length: 1 064 nm • Frequency range: 20 - 100 kHz • Marking area range: square from 65 to 240 mm • Line width: around 100 µm • Air cooling • WEIGHT & SIZE Marking head: L 375 x l 139 x h 202 mm, 7 kg Control unit: L 483 x l 376 x h 184 mm, 16 kg
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