New Connecting Options for 45 Series Aluminum Profiles


80/20® has three new fastening choices for making 90 degree connections when using their new 45 Series T-slotted aluminum profiles. Bolt Connectors, made of die cast zinc with zinc plated steel bolts and screws, provide a very strong 90 degree connection. The anti-slip nylon clip on the t-nut makes vertical orientation connections hassle-free. Two M6 SHCS, in opposite T-slots, run through the steel barrel that is placed in the required machined hole of the profile. Central Connectors, made of zinc plated steel, are available with vertical or horizontal nut orientations. The conical point set screw in the threaded barrel seats in the spring-loaded nut shaft which is loaded in the profile’s end. Black cover caps are available to conceal the required hole machined in the profile. Plate Connectors, made of die cast zinc, are available with a natural or powder-coated finish. One M12 BHSCS fastens the plate to the end of the profile. Two M6 SHCS with drop-in T-nuts are used to connect the mating profile. A self-tapping M12 BHSCS is available for a “no machining required” connection.
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