New Cost Efficient, Closed Loop Regulator


Proportion-Air introduced the HVC, their new cost efficient closed loop regulator today.   Ideally suited for high volume, low cost, OEM applications requiring closed loop control and high forward and relief flow rates, the HVC can proportionally control pressure ranges up to 150 psig. The HVC’s greatest asset is its flexibility.  By utilizing shock and vibration resistant technology inside an IP65 housing the HVC can be mounted nearly anywhere in any orientation.  The integral pilot operated regulator allows HVC to operate equally well under flow or static volumes.  The internal pressure sensor provides closed loop control that won’t change over time.  The HVC is incredibly repeatable and accurate.

The HVC is compact and can be manifold mounted.  It is 2 inches square and less than 4.5 inches tall.


• Supply Voltage - 11.5VDC • Supply Current - 100mADC • Command Signal - 0VDC • Voltage - 0VDC • Current - 4mADC • Analog Monitor Output • 0-10 VDC Command - 0VDC • 4-20mA Command - 1VDC • Inlet Pressure - 10% above calibrated range • Pressure Range - 0 • Flow Rate • Filtration Required - 40 micron (actual) • Accuracy (Pressure - ±2.5%F.S. • Accuracy (Monitor) - ±3.0%F.S.
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